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It is challenging for parents to know which changes in behavior are typical of adolescence and which are signs of a troubled teen. If you are concerned about a dramatic and persistent change in your teenager’s behavior, if they have gotten off track in their educational progress, or if you suspect that your teenager is using alcohol or other drugs, they may benefit from a psychiatric evaluation.

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When your teen says, “You don’t understand,” they are probably right!

1 in 5

Americans have a mental health condition

Symptom: Sleep problems (too much or too little)

322 M

people worldwide live with depression

Symptom: Feeling sad or excessively low

800 M

people suffer from mental health disorders worldwide

Symptom: Avoiding friends and social activities

42.5 M

Americans suffer from anxiety

Symptom: Changes in eating habits


of all veterans struggle with mental health or substance use

Symptom: Prolonged or intense feelings of irritability or anger


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