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Children, even very young children, experience psychiatric illnesses. Behavior problems beyond your control, excessive fear or separation problems that lead to an avoidance of school, and a child that doesn’t enjoy play and activities can all be signs of a psychiatric illness. Getting treatment at an early age can have significant positive impact on their lives and your family life together.

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Parenting is difficult. It's okay to need help.

1 in 5

Americans have a mental health condition

Symptom: Sleep problems (too much or too little)

322 M

people worldwide live with depression

Symptom: Feeling sad or excessively low

800 M

people suffer from mental health disorders worldwide

Symptom: Avoiding friends and social activities

42.5 M

Americans suffer from anxiety

Symptom: Changes in eating habits


of all veterans struggle with mental health or substance use

Symptom: Prolonged or intense feelings of irritability or anger


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