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Evaluation & Problem Assessment

The first step to developing a treatment plan that truly works for you is to evaluate and understand your symptoms and how they are impacting your life.

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An evaluation and problem assessment will include a discussion of behaviors and symptoms that may be interfering with different aspects of your life.


visits to primary care and 6M ER visits annually are related to mental health crises

Symptom: Disorganized thinking and speech

1 in 10

American adults suffers from a diagnosable depressive illness such as major depression or bipolar disorder

Symptom: Periods of excessive energy followed by extreme fatigue

1 in 4

American adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder

Symptom: Excessive worrying, panic, and anticipation of the future


of Americans dealt with an untreated mental illness

Symptom: Eating habits that are impacting your nutrition and health


of young girls reported being extremely anxious daily

Symptom: Changes in sex drive or sexual interest that cause distress


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Who needs a psychological test and evaluation?
What kind of tests do you use in a psychological evaluatuation?
How long will the test and evaluation take?
What can I expect to get out of a psychological assessment?
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