InterCare's Mission is to Provide Services Characterized By

Hands forming the shape of a heart

Responsiveness to and respect for patients, families, and other consumers.


Innovation in method and organization.

Mountain Climber

Effectiveness through the accomplishment of mutually determined objectives.

Cogs working efficiently

Efficiency with measurable value.

Quality Trophy

Commitment to Quality.

InterCare has Made Customer Service a Priority in Our Practice

We are conveniently located near South Hills Village Mall. The office suite was renovated to make your visit an efficient and pleasant experience. We added Wi-Fi in our waiting rooms and a noise cancelling system throughout our offices to help ensure your privacy. We utilize electronic prescribing for your safety and convenience and through our electronic medical record, we offer a patient portal that allows you to check your appointment dates and times, complete clinical paperwork in the privacy of your home, and review your billing statements.

We have a history of working cooperatively with local and national health insurance systems to support the development of integrated systems of care.