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Psychiatric & Medication Management

Our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners work with you and your therapist to develop a treatment plan.

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We have a well-established and stable practice, so you can develop a long-term relationship with your care providers.

6 in 10

people with mental illness get no treatment or medication

Symptom: Substance abuse such as alcohol or recreational drug

only 44%

of adults with diagnosable mental health issues receive needed treatment

Symptom: Hearing voices or fearful thoughts

1 in 6

American adults take medication for their mental health

Symptom: Mood swings (High highs and low lows)


increase in people looking for help with anxiety since 2019

Symptom: Detachment from reality or feeling outside of oneself


of Americans will experience a mental health episode in their lifetime

Symptom: Obsessive or repetitive thoughts or actions


Frequently Asked Questions

Will medication change who I am?
Should I be concerned about becoming addicted to a new medication?
Am I abnormal for needing medication?
What are the biggest risks to taking prescription medication to treat my
mental illness?
What are the side effects to taking mental health prescription medications?
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