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Psychiatric illnesses are common. Effective treatment is available. Psychiatric disorders can affect anyone at any time in their life. We treat children, adolescents, and adults.
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Are your psychiatric symptoms interfering with your life? We can help.

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What We Offer

When you or someone you know starts to feel mentally unwell the first step in obtaining treatment is to see a doctor or other health professional for assessment and diagnosis. A diagnosis is based on a particular pattern of symptoms. A decision can then be made about the best treatment for these symptoms and their underlying causes.

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We are real people who listen and care about what you feel. Our experience keeps us in touch with the fact that human beings are not standardized and experience difficulties in many perplexing ways that resist attempts to fit individuals into neat categories. Our professionals have the credentials to design a treatment plan that is consistent with current, evidence supported treatment interventions.

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Why Choose InterCare

We are responsive to our patients' needs

We offer clinical care in a well-appointed office, conveniently located near South Hills Village Mall. Our personnel are warm, friendly, respectful, and non-judgmental. We know how important it is to respond to patients, their families, and other consumers. Respect is a core value of our organization.

Your Care
We Offer the Advantage of a Treatment Team

We work with you to be sure that your treatment team meets your needs. We have psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and mental health professionals. You have the opportunity to develop a supportive and long-term relationship with a doctor and therapist that fit with your needs.

Our History
We Prescribe Evidence Supported Treatment

Together we will arrive at a shared understanding of your problems and our recommendations. The InterCare treatment team works with you to implement treatments that best reflect the professional experience of our team; relevant medical evidence, and your goals and values.

What We Offer